Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Final Project

The purpose of this project is to showcase my comic book.
I will show the first demo issue.

The Target Audience is mainly males ages 10-30, with a secondary audience of females from 15-25
The call to action will be the title of the issue. (Which will also have the website address.)
The project specifications:
Flat Size: 11 x 16.75"
Folded Size: 8.5 x 11"
Trim Size: 1/8th inch
Bleed:1/8th inch
# of Colors: Multi ( more than 4). CMYK.
Paper: Brochure Paper
Price to Produce:$328 for 150
Master Image List Elements:
This will have Bitmap images (more elements will be added soon)

Print quote:

 <Front/Back of the GateFold.

                                         Inside of the GateFold>

Copyright for project images:
I will /have already produce(d) all of the images for this project
Copyright@ DanPhelan_2012

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