Friday, April 27, 2012

Adobe Tutorial #4

Adobe Tutorial #4:
Selective Color Change

This tutorial will explain how to change a selected color on an image to any other color.
This is primarily used for retail ads (clothing, cars, appliances).
Original Image

1. Choose a photo.
My photo is from a lawnmower website. I do not own any rights to this image, I am just using it for school.
       2. Open it in Photoshop
       3. Select > Color Range
       4. Use the eyedropper tool to select the color you want to change. Also, select any similar colors.
With this photo I chose the red color range.
       5. Create a new layer
       6. Fill the new layer with a new color. I chose a green color.
                                                                7. Set the new layers blending mode to "Hue"
                                                                8. If you need more than one new colors, repeat steps 3-6, as needed.
Green Hue
Blue Hue

Job Search Analysis II

Art Director

Job Description:
Art directors are in charge of the overall "look" of a product.

An art director has to have a fine blend of talent, skill, and knowledge to produce outstanding work.
An art director is the visionary behind any piece of work
Education requirements:None

Preferred skills & Software:
Design skills, use of the adobe suite, and some design experience.
Experience in all aspects of multimedia design
Salary range:
Years of Experience:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Job Search Analysis I

Production Artist

Job Description:
Graphic artists use art and text to convey information.
As a production artist you will get to do a bit of everything on the copy side of printing.
Design skills will be used less in this position.

Education requirements:

Preferred skills & Software:
Design skills, use of the adobe suite, and some design experience.

Salary range:

Years of Experience:


Final Project

The purpose of this project is to showcase my comic book.
I will show the first demo issue.

The Target Audience is mainly males ages 10-30, with a secondary audience of females from 15-25
The call to action will be the title of the issue. (Which will also have the website address.)
The project specifications:
Flat Size: 11 x 16.75"
Folded Size: 8.5 x 11"
Trim Size: 1/8th inch
Bleed:1/8th inch
# of Colors: Multi ( more than 4). CMYK.
Paper: Brochure Paper
Price to Produce:$328 for 150
Master Image List Elements:
This will have Bitmap images (more elements will be added soon)

Print quote:

 <Front/Back of the GateFold.

                                         Inside of the GateFold>

Copyright for project images:
I will /have already produce(d) all of the images for this project
Copyright@ DanPhelan_2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adobe Tutorial #3

How to add a Sepia tone to a photo:

--Original Image

  1. Open the image in Photoshop.
  2. If the image is in color, go to Image > Adjust > Desaturate and skip to step 4.
  3. If the image is in grayscale go to Image > Mode > RGB Color.
  4. Go to Image > Adjust > Variations.
  5. Move the Fine<-->Coarse slider down one notch less than the middle.
  6. Click on More Yellow once.
  7. Click on More Red once.
  8. Click OK.

    And Voila! You now have a photo with nostalgia.

Copyright @me and my friend Julia, who just graduated from high school...

National Logo Redesign

I will be analyzing the rebranding of DC Comics.
The new brand is a complete rebranding of the entire company.
The implementation of the new brand is for the implementation of the "DC Nation" which is a combination of digital, physical print, animation and online content.
They are using a "peel" effect with the "D" peeling away from the "C", this is supposed to represent the duality of the characters in the DC Stable.
As far as the rebranding goes, I could care...
But with the rebranding comes a complete overhaul of DC Stories. Which, I do not like...

Information source:
Also, any DC comic book in the last 3 months...