Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Master Image Descriptions

A Bitmap is a map of bits, or dots. Filetypes associated with Bitmaps are; BMP, JPEG, GIF, PICT, PCX, and TIFF. A Bitmap is resolution depending, so don't get too close.

A Reverse is when a block of color is used and the paper source is used as "white".
This is a good use of negative space.

Vector Art:
Vector Art is Resolution independent. Meaning that, no matter how large or small it gets, the proportions are the same. It is math-based, as well. Filetypes associated with vector art are; .AI, CGM, SVG, .CDR, and .3ds (for 3-D Vectors).

Grayscale Raster:
A Grayscale Raster is a set of cells that are between 0 and 255. 0 is "white" and 255 is "black". This is a very simple image set. Filetypes associated with grayscale raster are; PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF.

Duotone Raster:
A Duotone Raster is a halftone image with another halftone image printed on top of it. (usually in black.)
It comes from Cyanotype, it was used in newspapers and comic books.

Silhouette Raster:
A Silhouette Raster is when an image is "cut out" of it's surroundings and used in a new setting. The filetypes associated with silhouette rasters are;

Full Bleed Raster:
A Full Bleed Raster is a raster image that "bleeds" out over the edges of a paper. This is designed to be cut, without losing vital detail. Full Bleeds can be present in most filetypes.

Four Color Raster:
A Four Color Raster is raster that includes 4 colors. Also, they can be present in most filetypes.

Screen Tint:
A Screen Tint is "
A screen pattern that consists of dots that are all the same size and create an even tone."

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