Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Magazine And Billboard Advertisement Project

The magazine I chose to advertise in was PIMagazine, it is a monthly publication for private investigators and law enforcement.

I'm not sure what my budget is, but I'm going to guess that it is more than $97.

These are the specifications directly from the website:

The Readership Demographic is mainly men and women in Private Detective work, along with some City, State, and Federal Investigators, as well.

I will have a microsoft tag in this ad...
This is my microsoft tag...

5 thumbnails:

1 rough (ruler used):

When this project was joined with the Bill board project I decided to change the message and "ad" of my project. I shifted from a sales perspective to a eco-friendly not-for-profit.

So, this is my new bill board design. I will probably make this my new magazine as as well, because it is equally relevant everywhere...

The difference between a billboard design and other projects is the distance and time readers have to see it. A billboard is at least 30 feet away and only visible for 4-5 seconds on a slow highway.

With those in mind, the resolution of any billboard project doesn't need to be extremely high, usually around 72 ppi.

The purpose of my billboard is to increase awareness about the need for everyone to recycle.

The target audience is everyone, I know that isn't acceptable, but everyone really should recycle...

Project specifications:

22ft 8in X 10ft 5in

The file should be created at 72 ppi and be 22.662 in X 10.412 in

Cost to produce: $1,150.00 (this is a quote from prolabdigital).
I called them and explained my project and this is the quote they gave me.

5 Thumbnails:

2 Roughs:...

What I started with:

Copyright: All artwork produced is my own.
Information for magazine ad from:
Information for billboard ad from: Lamar Graphics and ProlabDigital.

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