Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preflight Significance

The purpose of the Preflight Process is to assure that a design document has no errors. If the design document (often a pdf) has errors, then that can cost the designer and the printer time and money to correct.

An example of a Preflight Check List:

1. Include all fonts with any documents

Always supply font files to avoid unexpected font substitutions. Adobe InDesign is a great tool to use when packaging fonts.

2.Include images
Once again, Adobe InDesign will bundle files together for you with their Package function.
When using this, be sure to save the images as either CMYK, RGB, or Pantone. And specify to the receiver what type the images are, and why.

3. Save images in the proper file format, and at the proper resolution

Generally, when printing, images should be saved as TIFF or EPS files. If you are archiving your images or publishing them to a website or online portfolio, JPEG is alright.JPEG and GIF should never be used for printing.

If possible, save images at 100%, or higher. This allows the printer to resize the image, without losing resolution.

PrePress PreFlight Technician:

Job Summary
Retrieves digital images and executes preflight processes for digital artwork files.
Salary: $11.00 to 14.00 / hour

Job offer from

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