Monday, May 7, 2012

Lawsuit Summary

This blog post will summarize a lawsuit pertaining to copyright infringement, intellectual property, font dispute, brand, logo or image issues. 

NBC Universal Vs. P22
In 2011, NBC Universal was sued over the use of the Cezanne Regular type face font. This font was used in relation to the Harry Potter franchise, specifically to create a, "Hedwig Pillow," a "Dementor Cap," and a "Hogwarts Stationery Set."

As stated in the source article, according to Code of Federal Regulations (Chapter 37), fonts can't be copyrighted, but the software that uses them can be. Most font software has a clause that says it can't be used to make commercial works without express permission from the font creators.

In the end, this case depends upon proof that the software was used to create the commercial work.

This case was dismissed in January, 2012. The plaintiffs and the defendants found that the real issue was whether an end-user licensing agreement for the font software was breached.


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